In part 1, together we discussed among others: - the fundamental problems of the Eurozone's design - institutions of the EU not equipped for the Eurozone, in which the ECB uses that void to gain power beyond its initial mandate - the ongoing struggle between the realities of a monetary union and its underlying political game among member states tearing it apart - the importance of different steps of integration within the EU - outlook on the political deadlock: federalisation or disintegration of the Euro Stay tuned for part 2 which will be published on Tuesday 13th of March. Arno Wellens is one of the very few independent investigative journalists in the Netherlands with an in depth focus on the financial system, who is also known for having uncovered the theoretical bankruptcy of the Deutsche Bank among other investigations. He is also the author of the book "Euro Evangelie".

Arno Wellens: why the Euro could collapse | GoldRepublic Podcast #8 (Part 1/2)


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